Summer in France

June 10, 2007

I’ve been thinking about a story I read sometime in school. Maybe as long ago as elementary, maybe as late as high school. I can’t remember, but I remember the gist of the story.

It was set on a planet where rain fell all but 15 minutes a year (I could be wrong about these details, but it rained a lot.) The story took place on the one day during the year when it would not be raining. One girl, the victim of bullying, is locked in a closet. When the sun comes out, all her classmates forget that she’s in the closet and she misses the 15 minutes of good weather. It was tragic.

Recently, we’ve had good weather. When I say recently, I mean yesterday and the day before. For about a month before that the sky dumped oceans on us pretty much constantly. Yesterday around noon I started to get a headache, so today’s heavy grey skies were totally expected.

That story we read back in school? I used to think it was set on some faraway, fictional planet because such extremes of crappy weather could not exist here on Earth. I was wrong, the story was set in France. I guess I should be grateful that no one locked me in a closet.


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