One Thing I Loved About Living In Crete

May 6, 2007

When we were living in Crete, I never got sinus headaches. Typically I only get sinus headaches when the sky goes from clear (high pressure) to overcast (low pressure.) I have no data to back me up, but I can only assume that Crete rarely experiences ongoing low pressure, because I think I got maybe 3 sinus headaches in all the time we were there.

Yesterday, I woke up with a twinge which turned into a full blown nauseating headache within an hour. I swallowed the last of my imported Tylenol sinus. By the time I took the pills, the headache was so bad that they only took most of the pain away. Off to the pharmacy where I spent 10 euros on salt water to spray up my nose. How can salt water cost 10 euros? I suppose I should be moderately grateful, as when I asked for saline in Crete the only thing they had was some fancy aerosol with bee pollen and purified sea water (all natural!) It, too, was 10 euros.

By bedtime the pain was gone and I was only really dizzy. I truly believe that nothing feels as good as the absence of pain. As a side effect of the sinus medication I’m up at the crack of dawn (5:30) and can’t sleep.

We’ve been living in France for just over a month and I’ve already had as many sinus headaches as I had in the entire time we were living in Crete. I’m doomed.


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  1. […] the area late on Wednesday. Thursday was Ascension day so everything was closed. I celebrated with another headache, this time bad enough to make me nauseated. As I stood steaming my head over the electric kettle (a […]

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