The Internet Ate My Homework

March 28, 2007

I spent an hour hammering on this ?/§!&! French keyboard and hit save. It didn’t save. Suffice it to say we’re in France. More when I’m back on my own keyboard



  1. aargh…
    know the feeling
    know the french keyboards too
    didnt see comments for a while and because of the mishap wanted to give some *encouragement*
    thanks for enlightening us about greek life

    pj in dublin ireland
    sunny evening near the liffey

  2. Hey, you’d let me know if you are in Paris by any chance, wouldn’t you ? I don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet you in person. Enjoy France or Greece or whatever place you are at right now…

  3. Pjoe- Thanks for the encouragement, having arrived back on my own keyboard I’m surprised at how accustomed I’d already become to shifting for numbers and the dot. Thankfully that’s fading quickly.

  4. Ulla – I don’t know when we’re going to be Paris-way, but if you’re headed West, or I’m headed East, we must definitely meet.

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