Best of, Apokoronas Crete Edition

March 16, 2007

Well, I do realize that those of you who rode the wave, surfing all the way to the sandy shores of my Crete blog want a balanced view of living in Crete; I also realize the balance has tipped slightly in my recent missives. Today, I’ll make it up by listing my favorite things in and about Crete.

Best Season: Spring

Best Dish: although it’s diffy to choose, I love spanakorizo (spinach and rice.) I could eat it every single day.

Best place to enjoy the sunset in Apokoronas: Kalamaki roadside cafe, just East of Megala Chorafia (June & July are the best times to go for this purpose.)

Best Pizza: Across from the police station just outside Xania proper. I think it’s called Pizza Primo. Seriously good.

Best/Cheapest Prepaid Phone Cards: I’ve used every single one available – and finally, finally found IDT calling cards online. One cent/minute for calls from Greece to the States! I could have talked a lot longer and saved a lot of money if I’d found this earlier.

Best Seasonal Fruit: Strawberries, Apricots, and Watermelon. I couldn’t choose just one, sorry. Saturday I was at the street market/laiki and bought the most wonderful strawberries I’ve ever had that I didn’t pick myself. (2 euros/500gr.)

Best Vet: Giorgos in Souda. Across from the post office. He’s nicer to my dog than I am, and I’m pretty nice to her.

Best completely touristy restaurant: Kantari, Platanias. Go when the oranges are in bloom, sit in an orange grove and listen to the Swedish (and British) tourists. They serve a very respectable schnitzel. Skip the filet mignon for two – it’s not very good.

Best coffeehouse open year-round: Milos in the marina in Kolimbari. The daughter who picks the music has THE best taste. It’s not too loud, there’s a good mix. She introduced us to Nikos Portokaloglou, who makes…

The best Greek rock-n-roll: Nikos Portokaloglou. That guy really, really rocks. It’s good even if you can’t understand Greek; better if you can.

The best Greek yogurt: hands down, NOY NOY (pronounced noo-noo) Classic. It’s 10% fat and 100% yummy. If you can’t get your mitts on that, try Olympos. It’s second best, but still very good.

Best chocolate milk: Olympos (choco-cool is the unfortunate name.) Everything else tastes powdery and too sweet. They also bottle the best tasting regular milk.

Best place to find international cheeses: Halkiadakis SPAR on the road from Souda to Xania. They’ve got an excellent selection.

Best place to buy cheap clothes: The laiki. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re crap – but they’re always cheap.

Best ground coffee for home use: There’s a little spice shop in Chania on the road between 1866 square and the covered Market. Two doors down from the Virgin music store on the same side of the street. They sell two kinds of coffee beans (dark and darker) ground or whole, for about 7 euros/kilo. It’s good, too.

Lastly, and very practically – the best dentist. Dimitri Railakis is a sound and kind dentist with good dental skills. He speaks great English. His office is a few blocks from Eleftherios Square.

So, how’s that for positive posting about life in Crete?


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  1. Wonderful! Next time I’m in Crete . . .

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