What My Neighbors Said…

March 8, 2007

when R sent our landlords an email with a few maintenance issues and a request to have a conversation about the amount we pay in rent:

“This place is very dirty! You have never cleaned these windows!”

I wonder if it she’s at all curious about why I would clean all the windows in the house except the ones facing her house. Probably not.

Our neighbor is the sister of our landlady, who is in England teaching Greek to Greeks. That’s why my neighbor is involved in this discussion.

I’ll admit that I’m not a spic-n-span type of girl, except as regards bathrooms. There has never been a bathroom as clean as my bathroom. That said, I’m a messy person. Not dirty, messy.

My neighbor’s second big complaint was that the internal doors were ‘dirty.’ One might wonder how a person achieves dirty doors; it seems that this would take an effort. In this case, the ‘dirt’ was fingerprints and in my defense, who would purposely install doors that show every blinking fingerprint? And are fingerprints actually classified as dirt? Additionally, what sort of fingerprints don’t wash off with soap and water? I tried when we first moved in, but they wouldn’t budge! Years ago I developed a habit to only touch door handles (because the doors where I worked were glass and I didn’t want to clean them) and R pretty much never touches anything (don’t ask.) So, how would our fingerprints dirty up the doors? I maintain that the majority of fingerprints dirtying the doors around this stupid house belong to my landlady and her husband. I just wish there were some way to prove it…


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