Because I’m From The Midwest: The Weather Report

March 5, 2007

Like the English, we in Ohio spend quite a lot of time talking about the weather. Because we sacrificed quite a lot to come to Crete, we always congratulate ourselves when the weather is good.

And wow, is it good! Today is the fourth day of sunshine and warmth. It’s been so warm that I’ve turned off the heat downstairs alltogether, which would please our landlords. When we told them we thought there was something wrong with the furnace because we were going through so much heating oil, the quite reasonably explained that there was nothing wrong. They went on to say that the heating was very affordable, but you had to turn it off during the daytime. To sum it up, you can affordably heat your house in Crete if you don’t want to heat it all the time. If you landed on this page wondering about cost of living in Crete, we set the thermostat at 20 C/68 F. We spent approximately 400-500 euros/month on heating for December, January, and February. For October and November, it was about 250-300/month.

Wunderground says we’re hovering at about 60 F, but it seems much more temperate to me. Probably it’s just the contrast from the rainy cold we had for February. We’ll surely get another spell of cool and rain, but from here on out it’s smooth sailing.

I don’t feel a bit guilty, even knowing that the snow is wreaking havoc accross the midwest US.


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